Growing up as a competitive gymnast, dancer and cheerleader – I KNEW that my passion for health and fitness would stay long-term.

The thing is, all I really learned from my athletic experience was what time to show up for practice and what uniform to wear for a high school football game.

Enter the college years.. where I miraculously looked like I worked out and ate healthy even though I did the exact opposite.

It wasn’t until after I got married and had my son that I REALLY began to notice the results of poor nutrition and little exercise.

So, I began my search for a way to work full-time, be a wife, a mom AND get myself back into the gym. This is when I found the most INCREDIBLE community of women ONLINE (Instagram, specifically) who had the same goals, who were FINDING the time to practice self-care and most importantly, encouraged and motivated each other day in and day out.

These women worked out at home, at the park, at the airport, at work and even at the gym and whether it was a 10 minute workout with their kids or a 3 hour workout for an upcoming fitness competition, they made it happen and that is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

So there I was with my secret little Instagram fitness account, posting “sweaty selfies” for accountability, creating friendships with my “fit sisters” and FINALLY getting back the energy and image that I had let go of throughout all of life’s big moments.

A few months into my new fitness journey, I was approached by this girl that I had been following who was SO inspiring while sharing how she was paying off her student loans in lump sums as an online health and fitness coach. She had asked me if I’d be interested in joining her team and I said sure!! Why not, right?!

Which brings us here! 1.5 years later and I’m as passionate as ever about my fitness journey except NOW I get to help others get started and stay motivated as their coach!

I’m able to work from home or anywhere else from my phone, I’m held more accountable to my personal health and fitness goals and I earn a little extra income for it.

Pretty awesome deal, right?!

I have an ongoing online accountability group (Stay Fit Accountability) available to anyone who is interested in receiving daily motivation at no cost OR I have paid challenge groups every month that will set you up with access to TONS of online workouts, nutrition plans, accountability and more!

If you are interested in learning more about what I do or just need some help getting started on your own health journey, please email me at


xo, Tay