Airbrush Tan


I love what I do as an online health and fitness coach but when I met a fellow spouse here in Mississippi who owned a small local business making the town glow with her flawless organic airbrush tans, I was immediately intrigued.

Fast forward to a year later and the girl posts on our base spouse page that she is looking to hire someone – no experience needed! YES!! Except, I felt a TON of self-doubt. I was legit afraid to let her know I was interested. Plus, my family and I had maybe 6 months left at our current base and I didn’t want her to waste her time and energy on someone who wouldn’t be long-term. I brushed off the opportunity and accepted the fact that it just wasn’t the right time.

A couple months later I was chatting with a friend when I had mentioned that I was thinking about finding something more to do (work wise) while my son was in school. You know, to get those adult conversations in over something unrelated to threenagers, get out of the house more and interact with the local community. My friend had mentioned some local offices who were looking for help and I wasn’t too thrilled…. that is, until she brought up that Kate (my boss) was still looking for someone to help her spray tan. I took this as a sign and quickly sent Kate a message letting her know I was interested. I got creative with my resume, met with her at a local coffee shop, agreed to any payment (because let’s be real.. I just wanted the skill, the mentorship, the opportunity that I was SO intrigued by for over a year now and I didn’t care how much she paid me) and she had me start the following week!

I started helping her with a lot of the business marketing work at first and then expressed that I really wanted to spray. I completed an online airbrush certification training, asked all my friends and fellow spouses to come in at a discount to practice on and a few dozen people later – I was a certified airbrush tanning artist!! So cool, right?!

I truly love it and am super excited to be helping a fellow spouse expand her small business by adding a new location at our next base.. so stay tuned on the blog for updates on this!

Are you local and looking for the perfect organic airbrush tan this summer? Book a tan here. Website will be up soon!

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