14 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom


Happy Mother’s Day to all you momma’s out there! Momming ain’t easy but it sure is worth it. Here is 14 reasons why I love being a mom.

  1. The love. The pure unconditional love from your child cannot be replaced. It’s magical and innocent and something I couldn’t imagine being without.
  2. The talk. The silly, incomprehensible gibberish that your little one speaks brings so much laughter and joy into our lives.
  3. The laughs. The belly laughs, the fake laughs, the smiles and catching of breath through pure happiness is incredible.
  4. The food. The picky, random, sticky, messy meals that your kid consumes is a huge part of being a mom and one of my favorite parts.
  5. The clothes. The tiny, mismatched and stained outfits that your little one helps you pick out before school is special and something I’ve definitely had to learn to embrace.
  6. The hands. The little hands that grasp yours while walking through a parking lot or grab your face for a kiss are my absolute favorite and something I cherish about being a mom even if I’ve got myself a little threenager.
  7. The sleep. OMG nothing is more precious than watching your child sleep. It’s crazy just how crazy kids can be when they’re awake, but when they’re asleep.. you miss them, you forgive them, you love them SO FREAKING much.
  8. The friendships. Witnessing your child become best friends with your pet, a kid at school or the moment when they tell you “mommy, you’re my best friend” is so awesome.
  9. The excitement. You can tell your child that you’re taking them outside to go throw rocks into the bushes and they’ll tell you you’re the best mom ever. I absolutely LOVE being able to live life alongside my son’s little eyes. It’s so much fun.
  10. The feet. I don’t know about yours, but my little guy doesn’t walk much around the house.. he runs. You can hear his little foot steps pitter patter down the hall all day and it’s such a sweet sound.
  11. The eyelashes. Kids have the most full, long and luscious lashes and give the BEST butterfly kisses.
  12. The questions. They’ll drive you nuts with “what’s that?” “why?” “what are you doing?” throughout the day but their curious little minds make you grateful to be able to be the one who can teach them about life’s little things.
  13. The help. My son wants to help me do EVERYTHING. It can be difficult especially if you’re in a hurry, doing something not suited for children or handling the glassware but their eagerness to be independent and be your little helper is the best.
  14. The dance moves. My son loves to shake his booty anytime music plays during a movie, while were eating at a restaurant or when he’s nakey after bath time. I can only hope he holds on to the joy of booty shaking throughout his adult life because it sure does lighten up the room.

I could name a million more things that I am grateful for through motherhood but I think we’ll stop right there! Enjoy your day mommas! I hope your little ones spoil you rotten.

xo, Tay



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