Airbrush Tanning Favorites

One of the BEST parts about working in the beauty industry is being surrounded by some AMAZING products and getting to test them out 😍 Here are a few of Airbrush Tanning Favorites.... Conscious Coconut - This product is as simple as coconut oil in a tube. The thing is... this company has a mission - plus the branding is super cute … Continue reading Airbrush Tanning Favorites


14 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all you momma's out there! Momming ain't easy but it sure is worth it. Here is 14 reasons why I love being a mom. The love. The pure unconditional love from your child cannot be replaced. It's magical and innocent and something I couldn't imagine being without. The talk. The silly, … Continue reading 14 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom


I love being creative. I love sharing my thoughts. I love connecting with others through our stories. I love my family and I love my work. I'm so excited to have all my passions wrapped up into one spot for me to share with world. Being a military wife, a mom, someone who is passionate about … Continue reading TrueToYouTay